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Self-explanatory: Ziall is Perfection. I'm a 16 year old girl from Canada who is wasting her teenage years on tumblr trying to prove the existence of the bromance that is Ziall. And when i say bromance, I mean buttsex.

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See, I don’t really get the motivation to study for my exams until I fail the first one and feel like shit. 

"And for the first time, she was willing to let him be with someone else, because she knew he still belonged to her."

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You ruined school for me, and I’m over that. But don’t you dare terrorize my streets. Get the fuck out of my neighborhood, cause I’m gonna continue to walk around with my head up high without a single fuck to give.I will not become a prisoner in my own home. I will never ever be your fucking prisoner again, and I won’t let you ruin anything I love anymore. 

Document Your Relationships

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Keep a journal. Write about how he hurt you. Talk to your best friend and tell her how much you hate him for making you like this. Dedicate a blog to your misery and pain. So that the next time you start craving him, or the next time it’s 3am and you’ve been up all night convincing yourself that he’s the one, you can go back to your journal so the hatred and the grief from that one night resonates back into your soul . You go back to your best friend so she can tell you how she struggled to watch her once vibrant and carefree partner-in-crime age before her eyes, as your kind-hearted nature was sucked out of you and replaced with the bitterness and hatred of an old hag. And go back to that blog, because sometimes we need the words of others to express what we can’t, but an image nonetheless more vivid is created of your deteriorating mental state at the time. And then feel the lust exit your body, and let him go, and don’t be afraid to revisit these recollections of your despair those times when your body insists on a trip down nostalgia lane. 

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im not even that much of a Beyonce fan but i started tearing up when she started singing Blue and then hearing Blue say “Good job Mommy” I just lost it at that point. Even if you’re not a fan of her music or style you can’t deny that performance was passion and raw emotion at its finest.

How girls pick their outfits in the morning

Aug 4th at 1PM / 61 notes

1. Does this smell ok?

2. Did I already wear this this week? 

3. Did anyone see me wear this yesterday?

4. Will I be comfortable? 

5. Am I gonna see anyone cute today? 

gonna get drunk af and forget about you tonight. 

"People feel removed from sexism. “I’m not a sexist, but I’m not a feminist.” They think there’s this fuzzy middle ground. There’s no fuzzy middle ground. You either believe that women are people or you don’t. It’s that simple."

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Friendly reminder: Eating foods that aren’t from your own ethnicity is cultural appropriation so please don’t do it!!
( ◕ ◡ ◕ ) thank u~

I’ll eat whatever the fuck I want you whiny, pro-segregationist little chode 

prays this is a joke 

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I never thought it was possible to hate someone this much. You are on a whole new fucking breed of pathetic, cruel, attention-seeking asshole. I hope you’re satisfied with ruining my life even though I’ll never understand how someone can take pleasure in that. I sincerly hope karma bites you in the ass one day and that someone will come around and make you feel as low and miserable as you’ve made me feel. You’re a disgusting pathetic excuse for a human being, the embodiment of a coward, and the one thing I really want is for someone to claw the asshole out of you before you hurt anyone else. And I thought I was fucked up.